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Managing the risk and protecting people and buildings from vehicles has become a vital concern for government facilities and businesses in recent years.  Many security measures, such as concrete barriers, walls, fences, and gates, provide perimeter security; however, they impede pedestrian traffic and limit access for deliveries, maintenance, and emergency services. For many facilities, steel security bollards are the ideal solution as they provide perimeter security without impeding pedestrian traffic.

Different Types of Bollards

In addition to security bollards, several other types of bollards are available, including:

  • K-12 Crash Resistant Bollards. Tested and certified. These steel security bollard barriers have been approved by the Department of Defense (DoD).  One single standalone bollard has the ability to stop 15,000 lb. vehicle at 50 mph. Crash resistant bollards are designed to withstand a car or truck’s impact at a specific speed. They are commonly used to protect government and military installations, airports, seaports, energy facilities, and other commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Non-Crash Resistant Bollards. Non-crash-resistant barriers are used to prevent vehicle access to areas, including alleys, bike trails, and sidewalks. They are often more ornate and decorative than security bollards, include features such as lighting, and provide an easily recognized visual barrier.
  • Shallow Mount Bollards. Shallow mount bollards utilize a spring steel bollard core that enables it to flex and absorb energy from an impact. These bollards have a very shallow foundation, making them easy to install even over existing utility lines.
  • Rising Bollards. Similar to a security gate, rising bollards are retractable and used to control access in and out of an area. They are operated manually or mechanically and provide reliable protection against ramming.
  • Fixed Bollards. Fixed bollards provide long-term, permanent protection, and security for facilities where the risk of a vehicle-based attack is relatively high.


Selco has manufactured security bollards in various configurations such as Shallow Mount Bollards, Surface On Grade, Removable and Embedded Bollards.

  • Newark Liberty International Airport – Fabricated approximately 2,000 steel bollards with architectural stainless steel covers and caps. Plate Mounted Bollard assemblies were supplied in 25 foot fully fabricated sections.
  • NYC Bike Path along the Henry Hudson Park for NY State Dept. of Transportation– Supplied 183 K-12 Shallow Mounted Bollards with stainless steel covers.
  • NYC DCAS 210 Joralemon Ave Brooklyn – 14 6” Bollards, filled with concrete painted safety yellow.

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