Electric-powered trains used in public transit require electricity for everything from movement to opening doors. Stinger systems provide a power source for trains and other rail vehicles when disconnected from a third rail or power line. Selco Manufacturing is a premier provider of train stinger systems used in the transportation sector.

What are Stinger Systems?

On the track, rail vehicles typically get their power from an overhead line or a third rail. Stinger systems offer electricity for the train’s systems even when a third rail or overhead line is not readily available, such as when the train is parked or has been moved to a secondary maintenance track. Similar to an extension cord, a stinger system connects to the train via an outlet. Unlike a simple cord, however, the stinger system can support enough voltage to provide the machinery with sufficient power to operate all systems. 

Operators may use stinger systems for battery charging, accessing onboard systems, maintenance work, or repositioning the train by moving it a short distance. This power source gives maintenance crews access to everything they need while safely inspecting or repairing the train car within the workshop area. 

The Selco Advantage

For railroad car maintenance workshops, Selco Manufacturing offers two different types of stinger systems, which include a DC switchboard, stinger track, stinger cable drops, and the control enclosures. Our connector wheel system or crane-style stinger system provides a temporary power source during maintenance and repair work. Technicians can choose the style that works best for their specific service area and vehicle type. 

Our engineers designed our train stinger systems in our ISO 9001:2015 and AISC certified facility, backed by more than a century of experience in transit and power distribution. Stinger systems from Selco see frequent use by many public and private transit authorities. 

Selco Manufacturing Corp: Let Us Help With Your Railroad Car Maintenance

Stinger systems are a vital piece of electric rail maintenance, and Selco Manufacturing Corporation is proud to provide high-quality systems for transportation operations throughout the region. With more than 100 years of experience in power distribution, we’ve built lasting relationships with associated industry leaders to ensure we stay on top of trends, technological developments, and best practices. 

Selco has a long and rich history with public transit projects. Our first project was building the third-rail transit products for the original New York Subway System. Since 1907, we’ve continued to grow and innovate, offering custom solutions to build and maintain the country’s infrastructure. From steel fabrication and assembly to numerous electrical systems, Selco is prepared to tackle complex projects with competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and in-house detailing. Beyond rail transit and electrical, we frequently provide solutions for construction, highway, industrial, utilities, and more.

We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and our service team is ready to answer any questions you might have. Contact us or request a quote today to see how our train stinger systems or other solutions can support your transit maintenance operation.