Today’s industrial and commercial buildings require miles of cable to support electrical and communication needs. Cable trays are systems of rigid supports, fittings, and connectors, typically made of aluminum or various steel alloys, that carry insulated electrical and communication cables and raceways through a structure. They offer a safe, versatile, and cost-efficient solution that are quick and easy to install. 

Understanding What Type of Cable Tray You Need

There are various types of cable trays, and the one you choose depends on your intended application. These include: 

  • Solid-bottom Cable Trays. This type of cable tray provides the best protection for cables, but the tray must be cut or fittings must be used to enter and exit cable. It also offers shielding from radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.
  • Ladder Tray. Ladder trays have side rails with spaced rungs and no bottom. Cables can enter and exit at any point on the path, and they offer easy access and dissipation of heat and moisture.
  • Ventilated Tray. This type of cable tray has a perforated bottom panel. It offers the same amount of protection as a solid-bottom cable tray and the same amount of flexibility and ventilation as a ladder tray. 
  • Channel Tray. This is a narrow cable tray used for branch runs, cable drops, and smaller volumes of cable where conduit is not desirable.

Finding the Best Materials for Your Cable Tray & Fittings

Selco offers many different materials for cable trays and fittings, each of which offer unique features and benefits. These materials include:

  • Stainless Steel. This strong, durable, nonmagnetic metal offers resistance to heat, corrosion, and impact. It has a long service life and can be used as a grounding conductor for systems up to 600Amps.
  • Aluminum. This lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant material is easy to drill and cut for installation and can be used as a grounding conductor for systems up to 2000Amps.
  • Corten Steel. This strong and durable material offers resistance to heat and corrosion. It has an oxidized protective patina, allowing for a long lifespan with low maintenance.

Selco for Your Cable Tray and Fitting Needs

Selco offers a variety of infrastructure enclosures for cables and wires as well as other steel products, including railings, light fixtures, stairway covers, outlet boxes, and platforms. We are proficient in 3rd-rail projects and high voltage work, and we supply to a variety of contractors, DOT, and consultant engineers across multiple industries such as transit and wastewater facilities. For help on your next project, contact us today.